Case Studies

Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School: Where passion is driving learning

Established 10 years ago, Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School is an all-inclusive Christian school in Mundijong, WA. Having recently expanded their network wireless capabilities, the school implemented a 1:1 iPad program. While acknowledging the challenges that technology can bring to the classroom, services such as LearningField have allowed teachers to create rich and engaging tasks for…


St James College: Catering for different needs (and different stories)

St James College in Brisbane is a co-educational Catholic Secondary School in the Edmund Rice Tradition. It is an inner city school, operating on a uniquely small block surrounded by office buildings. The school’s highly diverse community includes students from refugee families and students with special needs. St James started using LearningField this year and in this case study they describe how the service is supporting a range of learning styles as well as student needs and abilities.


School experiences of LearningField

In this video, several schools around Victoria provide insights into their experience using LearningField last year. David Barnett, Managing Director of Pearson Education Australia, discusses this change for the publishing industry, and Murray St Leger – CEO of Copyright Agency – describes how schools are utilising the choice offered by the service.

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School: enabling student-centred learning and higher order thinking skills

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS) is a well-established Melbourne independent school with a long history of a focus on student-centred learning and higher order thinking skills. In sharing their experience of LearningField the school describes it as a teaching and learning tool: to guide student learning, provide a deeper understanding of concepts and ultimately allow students to be thinkers and not just learners. The school has also been a strong user of the collaboration features of the service with notes, discussions and online communication with teachers improving the sharing of concepts and making projects more interesting. 


Mount Waverley Secondary College: Having higher level teacher-student conversations and supporting difference

Mount Waverley Secondary College, based in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, describes itself as a middle class state school with a history of outstanding academic results and a focus on developing the whole person for a global society. In sharing their LearningField experience the school talks of using LearningField to enable higher level conversations between students and teachers. Mount Waverley also sees LearningField  supporting different student needs in general, and especially for students with English as a second language and lower levels of literacy. Students talk of LearningField allowing them to work at their own pace, help those falling behind and to learn from students above their level.


A pleasant surprise: Teacher guest post from Jason Arruzza, Loreto Normanhurst

One of the challenging aspects of working in technological innovation in the educational sector is helping teachers become aware of and take advantage of disruptive innovations that have clear value. We are all creatures of habit, and often it takes time for us to adapt our behaviour to newly-available technology, particularly when the “old way…


Newington’s first year with LearningField – six months in

Newington College

Newington College’s Director of ICT, Myles Carrick, was kind enough to speak to some visiting teacher librarians about digital texts and LearningField in May 2014.

He started his discussion with this interesting premise: the question is not how do schools get textbooks onto iPads, but how do schools get great resources into learning situations and how do they support creation and curation/sharing of resources?


St Bede’s College: Giving shy students a voice and more

Our latest experience of LearningField comes from St Bede’s College, a Catholic school in Melbourne’s Mentone. School Deputy Principal David Cracknell initially saw value in LearningField as a one stop shop.  Director of Pedagogy Alex Borlenghi speaks of their motivation for LearningField being that it gave “a huge amount more in terms of resources that can used…


Arden Anglican School: Interacting with textbooks across all their subjects, all within the one LearningField app

Arden is an independent Sydney school using LearningField.  In the following Northern District Times article the school describes how its  students, equipped with iPads, are able to read, annotate, communicate and highlight in the textbooks across all their subjects, all within the one LearningField app. Grace de Rijk, 14, is in Year 9 at Arden  is using…


Newington’s experience – packaging texts together and accessing across all devices

Rolfe Kolbe is both a Maths teacher and eLearning Leader at Newington College, Sydney. Newington trialled LearningField in 2013 and is using the service in Years 7 and 8 in 2014. In the blog post listed below Rolfe describes the school’s experience with LearningField as at January 2014. Rolfe firstly describes some previous frustrations in using digital textbooks: principally accessibility issues…